In One Hour is a unique educational initiative, with the teachings and writings of historian, biblical scholar and kabbalist, David Solomon, at its nucleus.

The project brings together David’s innovative and dynamic educational talks – many of which serve as basic introductions to a range of areas in Jewish Studies – with his more in-depth survey courses on Tanach and Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah. Click here to read more.


Diaspora’s edge: Highlights of Australian Jewish history at the Jewish Museum of Australia (starts 26 February)

Chazal in the Age of Empires: An Overview of the Talmudic Period  at Caulfield Hebrew Congregation (starts 7 March)


David will be teaching in Boca Raton, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York and Toronto in April/May 2018. If you would like to be kept informed of these events, please make sure you are on our mailing list here or email Marjorie Solomon.


A Prophetic Revolution in One Hour

The Past 1,000 Years of Jewish Thought – 

The entire five-part series of ‘The Past 1,000 Years of Jewish Thought’ can be found here.

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