In One Hour is a unique educational initiative, with the teachings and writings of historian, biblical scholar and kabbalist, David Solomon, at its nucleus.

The project brings together David’s innovative and dynamic educational talks – many of which serve as basic introductions to a range of areas in Jewish Studies – with his more in-depth survey courses on Tanach and Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah. The initiative is a collaborative project between David and his wife Marjorie, who coordinates the marketing and organisational elements of their programs.

Not based in any one location or attached to a specific institution, David’s teachings reach throughout the world in a number of ways, more specifically when David is booked by communities to teach or speak on an extensive range of topics or when Marjorie organises talks or courses in different locations.

While David is perhaps still best known internationally for his ‘In One Hour’ series of talks, and particularly, for his flagship presentation, The Whole of Jewish History in One Hour, he prefers to teach longer, more in-depth courses, which attract large, enthusiastic audiences from around the world.

If you would like to enquire about booking David Solomon to visit your community, please email Marjorie at marjorie @ inonehour.net for information.