About David

Globally roaming scholar, teacher and writer, David Solomon is currently undertaking research on the translation of the fundamental kabbalistic text, Tiqunei HaZohar. David is, however, predominantly known as a dynamic and inspiring educator and, in particular, for his lecture ‘The Whole of Jewish History in One Hour’.

David holds degrees in Anthropology, English Literature and Jewish Studies, as well as Media Broadcasting, and has delivered lectures and courses around the globe in a diverse range of topics, from Modern and Biblical Hebrew, to Kabbalah and Jewish History, from Anthropology of Religion to Conceptual Art. Before his university education, David also spent almost five years learning formally in yeshivot in both Israel and Australia, and studied with  several influential teachers, particularly in the realm of kabbalah.

In 1996, following a varied academic and artistic career, David moved from Australia to London where he was first attached to University College London as a tutor and researcher and later ran and coordinated courses in Hebrew and Jewish culture for the British Government (training diplomats and government translators).

Returning to Australia in 2004 on an extended sabbatical, David, together with Felicia Schwartz, co-founded the College of Jewish Studies, which aimed to develop dynamic talks on key Jewish topics as well as adult education courses for Jewish communities everywhere.

Leaving Australia again in December 2006, David and his wife Marjorie launched The In One Hour Series, positioning David as an international educator and speaker. The In One Hour Series brings together David’s innovative educational talks, each of which serve as basic introductions to a range of areas in Jewish Studies. The introductions are based upon traditional sources combined with original visual mapping techniques. These fundamental, yet comprehensive, frameworks are designed to promote Jewish learning and aim to ensure that an audience will be equipped and inspired to pursue further study in the field.

David is a former finalist in the World Public Speaking championships and has been acknowledged as a world-class public presenter by his numerous audiences. He has vast experience in communicating to a wide range of audiences, from school and university students, to the public at large.

For many years David has also collaborated extensively with artist Rodney Glick on a range of projects, including the Glick International Collection’s Klusian Philosophy and the Alice Black Theory of Emerging Art. As part of this ongoing collaboration, David and Rodney are currently developing a new Haggadah which will bring together Rodney’s illustrations and David’s translations and commentaries.

David has also been studying for many years with his close chavruta Dr Sharron Shatil. Together they have delved into many texts and subjects. They are planning a anthology of their commentaries on a number of rare kabbalistic books.

He also works privately as a Judaica library consultant.

David and Marjorie are currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

Learn about David’s educational philosophy here.