The Whole of the Bible in One Hour

David presents a comprehensive overview of the entire Tanach – once again delivered using David’s unique 3-dimensional presentation. Each book is placed in its historical context and its major themes explored, with an emphasis on the transition from the mythology of ancient Israel to the objective reality of Jewish History. Audiences are literally able to see where King Solomon existed historically in relation to Samson and Delila, Ezekiel or Moses, while also learning some of the key ideas that emerged from the world’s most influential text.

Logistical Requirements:

Due to the 3-dimensional nature of David’s lectures, he requires an approximately square room with walls that would allow paper to be temporarily attached. The audience needs to be seated in such a way that would allow them to turn their chairs as David moves around the walls during the delivery of his lecture. Recommended audience sizes for David’s talks are from 50 to 200 people.

It is advisable to allow 90 minutes for all ‘one hour’ talks.