In-Depth Kabbalah: Kabbalistic ideas presented according to The New Synthesis

In recent years, a new phenomenon has begun to emerge in the Kabbalistic world: the synthesis of different schools of thought, creating a fresh awareness of the vast riches of our Kabbalistic literary heritage. In this series, called In-Depth Kabbalah, David Solomon presents an astonishing wealth of original ideas and amazing concepts taken from many Kabbalists whose teachings, until recently, have been regarded as obscure or forgotten. As well as explaining these teachings in their historical context, David demonstrates their relevancy and impact on those studying Kabbalah in today’s world.

Logistical Requirements:

This lecture is best suited to a theatre-style audience with a recommended audience size of 50 to 200 people. David will require a white board for this presentation.

It is advisable to allow 90 minutes for this talk.